Client Spotlight-The Voice Healer Promo Video


At JDP Photography we are now offering hybrid photography services. That is Photo (still photography) + video + audio…we call it P+V+A artistry. To create your short video, we record in our studio or go to your location to capture our PVA. Then, back at our desk, we put it all together for you to review and approve. Once that is done, we upload the video to our YouTube Channel for social media distribution, email you a link to post on your website, social media outlets, and even place it in your email signature. These talking portraits allow you to connect in a very personal way with your audience. With SEO -rich content, you can also broaden your reach. Take a look at Dr. Miluna Fausch’s executive voice coaching promo video with the YouTube link and see if you don’t agree.

Results-based vocal coaching is for executives, sales managers, sales teams, leaders, managers. These “tuned up” coaching sessions are designed to build your voice, your confidence and develop a style to promote and grow your career and business. Your voice sells and your presentation is key. Dr. Miluna’s can-do coaching refines and polishes your delivery from breathing to posture to the cadence of your voice, examines word choice plus corporate culture, builds your confidence, ease and authenticity when speaking live, on-camera, or via web cam. She brings 20+ years of being in show business, training as a voice coach, training in care of the professional voice, and experience as an entrepreneur to her work with you.


When you are ready to find out more, please give us a call or drop us an email – We would love to discuss your project.

We have moved to our new Tustin photography studio!

We are pleased to announce our move into larger photography studio space in Tustin. While we enjoyed our small studio and prospered at our Enderle Center location for more than a year, we needed more space and more sound control.

Why sound control? After all, JDP Photography have built our reputation on still photography and sound shouldn’t matter, right?

Over the last couple of months, you may have seen sneak peeks at our PVA products. That is, photo + video + audio. With the technology readily available, it took just a little more education to bring some new products to market. You will be seeing more of these PVA products in the coming months and we hope you will find them as exciting as we do. We are designing them for business, families, and fun!

Here is our (well, it’s really mine!) eBusinessCard.

Here is The Pied Piper of Victoria Beach.

We like our photography studio located in Tustin because it is the center of Orange County.

Our new photography studio is easily accessible from several freeways, the Tustin Metrolink Station and the 261 toll road. Construction is underway by our new office to connect Tustin Ranch Road into The District.

When you come to visit us, look for this entrance –

JDP Photography Studio in Tustin

JDP Photography Studio

We offer executive portraiture, photography for annual reports and corporate events. We create images for websites and brochures, and deliver our digital files electronically for cost-effectiveness and quick turnaround. We like to work with you and your brand designer to deliver a unique and powerful message because you know, good photography is more than just a shot in the dark!