Newsletter-Unexpected Guest and the Fair

July 2013 Newsletter from JDP Photography


Here is our July newsletter. It includes a fun photo with a raccoon as our uninvited guest. Click here for more…

Here’s what one reader had to say:

“Hi Julie,

You amaze me with each issue of your newsletter. What good reading they are. I was particularly interested in your note on the WCS in June and getting to work with Carl Caylor. That must have been both fascinating and an outstanding learning experience. I have to tell you about a somewhat similar situation that happened to me years ago.

When I was a young pup (age 23) and working for United Press, because I had grown up with photography (thanks to my Dad) I used to make extra money from UPI by shooting news photos for any major news events I had to cover as a journalist. They got both words and pictures and I made more than my small salary. Well, in 1964, thanks to UPI being so cheap, when planning their coverage of Robert Kennedy’s run for the U.S. Senate in New York State, they decided to not have anyone follow him exclusively but to send someone from the nearest bureau and hand off the coverage as he and his entourage went from city to city around the state. Being bureau manager in Rochester, I was asked to pick him up in Binghamton, in the southern tier of N.Y., and fly with the press corps on The Caroline, the family plane, from there to Elmira, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse (and sometimes Watertown), then turn him over to people from Albany. This was a very exciting assignment and I was in awe of the national press corps. There’s a lot more to tell about covering Mr. Kennedy and on occasion President Johnson when they appeared together, as well as regular coverage of Gov. Rockefeller, but I won’t bore you with that now.

But I also took photos along the way and one of the guys in the corps was from Magnum, working as a pool photographer and doing special color photography for weekly news magazines. His name was Cornell Capa, brother of Robert Capa, the famous WWII photographer. Cornell was a very warm and welcoming man who took me under his wing. He taught me a lot about composition while working side by side on the campaign trail, and on occasion even held on to my ankles and feet while I would sprawl across the hood of the lead press car (a convertible) as we followed Mr. Kennedy around various cities. The perspective that provided was amazing. The bottom line was, I learned so much from this incredibly artistic photographer and yet he was so happy to teach this young kid. Although I was technically required to send the original negatives of any photo I shot that moved on the news wires, thanks to bracketing exposures I still have many, many negs from those days, and I’m certain that what I shot was far better, thanks to his guidance, than what I might have shot had he not been there and been such a wonderful, sharing person. He died about five years ago and when I think about those days, I still miss him. But I remember him fondly.

Thanks again for your newsletter. I really do look forward to it each issue. I hope it’s getting you the good results you deserve. And for this reader it often triggers great memories.

Warm regards,