Sending Flowers to America

sending-flowers-to-americaSending Flowers to America is a coffee table book of stories of The Los Angeles flower Market and people who built an American floral industry. From the book jacket…”The authors worked together to document for the first time the rich tapestry of people and events that came together to build the business of flowers at the Los Angeles Flower Market, and in so doing helped to supply, sell and ship flowers for florists, wholesalers and consumers.

Peggi Ridgway, an award-winning author of business books and hundreds of non-fiction articles, manages a small web and publications design firm. Her interest in the Los Angeles Flower Market began when she became editor of its Bloomin’ News newsletter in 1999…this was the first recorded history of the American Florists’ Exchange.

Jan Works is a veteran business and marketing communications writer, corporate journalist and publisher whose clients have included major firms and publications. She personally interviewed dozens of individuals and the families of early day leaders in the Los Angeles Flower Market.”

I spent many delightful hours capturing flower images at the Los Angeles Flower Market for this book. Countless blooms and greens were being carefully selected by florists and tradespeople during the early morning hours. They were joined during the later hours by the general public. From close ups of individual blossoms to banks of flowers in water buckets, the colors and combinations were spectacular.

I also created the professional portraits of the authors that were used in the book, as well as the Flower Market Board of Directors, to be used for public relations.

Sending Flowers to America is a valuable resource for the flower industry and an accurate historical record dating back to the 1800s.