13 Things About Business Video…

13 things about business video that you might not have known…

1. According to Cisco, 90% of all traffic on the Internet in the next few years will be from video. So, if you are not using video to promote your business, you are losing out.
2. By 2013 nearly 20% of all ad spending was directed toward video content.
3. Keep your videos short. According to marketing professionals the typical length of a watched Internet video is just under 3 minutes.
4. Create a video with high-quality production values. Not many people want to spend time watching a video that is fuzzy and blurry.
5. To have a professional look, you really should use supplemental light.
6. Choose only video websites that will allow you to share your video with social media –
YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn.
7. Choose a title that accurately reflects what your video is about.
8. Include a two- or three-paragraph description the clearly outlines what’s in your video and don’t forget to include relevant tags.
9. According to Forrester Research, videos are 53 times more likely than text to appear on page one of Google search results.
10. You can use YouTube’s keyword tool to help you pick the right keywords that are the most popular based on monthly search statistics.
11. When you post your video to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, be sure to either tweet or tag influential companies or people in your posts.
12. You can use Facebook ads to promote video reviews and other content.
13. Did you know that sellers, who present their service on video, sell 220% more?

Julie Diebolt Price, President of JDP Photography

Julie Diebolt Price


Here is the link to my eBusinessCard video.

Testimonial – Portrait, eCards and video

“I took a photography class from Julie in 2008 and from that learned how good Julie truly is. When I needed a portrait, Julie was who I called and you can see a sample of her work in my latest portrait in the photo on my profile. She does excellent work and although an expert in Business Portraiture, she continually expands the scope of her work. In the time we’ve been working together, she became an expert in Business eCards and Business Video and now is doing Fusion Photography. She has been a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her for your business needs. Please visit her website www.jdpphotography.com for a closer look at the services she provides.”

Lynette Johnson, Consultant and Virtual Assistant

Message in the sand to promote business

Promote business in unique way with fusion and hybrid photographyYour message written in the sand then combined with text and audio delivers a unique way to promote your business. At JDP Photography we help you promote your business in unusual ways…

See a business promo video right here – Christine Wilton delivers her powerful business message with a message written in the sand and delivered with fusion and hybrid photography.

We will write your message in the sand on a Pacific Ocean beach then create a short promo video to deliver your message. You can embed the link into your website or emails. This will deliver a very powerful message that is SEO (Search Engine Optimized) optimized for your business.

Video statistics to promote business

– Consumers who view a video profile are at least 30% more likely to visit your business and make a purchase.

– Consumers are at least 4 times more likely to engage with your business when video is available on your website.

– Video increases the incidence of a purchase by 24%.

– Video increased the change of a Google first page search result by 53 times.

Statistics provided by Forester Research, Kelsey Group & Comscore

For a limited time, we are offering unique sand writing messages and videos on Fiverr.com. Click here to find jdpgigs on Fiverr.com.

What is fusion photography?

Fusion Photography Defined

What is fusion photography? It is the combination of still photos, short videos, and audio (otherwise known as P+V+A [photo+video+audio]) into one digital video file called an eProduct. It can live on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or even on your own website or in your outgoing emails. Here’s the link to my Business Photography Solutions eCard that goes out under all my emails.

A fusion photography eProduct is designed to tell a short story to communicate an idea, present your business expertise, promote your business, deliver a holiday message, serve as an invitation, deliver a significant event pictorial, share vacation highlights. They help you connect with your audience in a very real and personal way. The uses are limited only by your imagination and every product is unique. There will be no others like it anywhere!

View a sample here. We can also create your family portrait eProduct on location in Southern California. Check out our Vayable.com experience in Laguna Beach or Anaheim, California.

There are many components to create a satisfactory finished eProduct. It starts with professional photography – #noselfieshere. It is important to capture the best images for use in the final video production.

Sound is a MAJOR component in your effort. It includes voice/environmental sound, voice over, and/or music. Poor sound can ruin the eProduct. Royalty-free music can be purchased to include in your video which can really add depth and interest to the eProduct.

There are copyright issues to be considered for the photography, video, and music. We honor music and photography copyrights in all of our productions so that our clients can use the eProducts without worry or concern about infringements.

Fusion photography requires an investment for the professional in education and equipment, in addition to good photography equipment and skills. It is well worth the investment because we create unique and individual works of art.

Why is fusion photography important in today’s electronic social environment?

  • Consumers who view a video profile are at least 30% more likely to visit your business and make a purchase
  • Consumers are at least 4 times more likely to engage with your business when video is available on your website
  • Video increases the incidence of a purchase by 24%
  • Video increases the chance of a Google first page search result by 53 times

*Statistics from Forester Research, Kelsey Group & Comscore

This is an exciting new product. Be the first to show it to your friends. Ask how we can create an eProduct designed exclusively for you.