Exhibition Image – Tableau at Badaling, China

Exhibition Image,

Tableau at Badaling,

was accepted into the prestigious Loan Collection of Professional Photographers of America. Julie captured it while on a trade mission tour of China. Badaling, an entry point for The Great Wall, is near Beijing, China. This view is from one of the lower ramparts.

Exhibition Image - Tableau at Badaling

Tableau at Badaling
The Great Wall near Beijing, China
Loan Collection
Professional Photographers of America

Exhibition Image – Abiding Light

Exhibition image,

Abiding Light,

was captured at National Cathedral in Washington, DC. and was accepted into the Loan Collection of Professional Photographers of America. Julie also was awarded Architecture Photographer of the Year at the state-level competition of Professional Photographers of California for this image.

abiding light

Abiding Light
Architecture Photographer of the Year 2011
Professional Photographers of California