Monarch butterfly emerges from chrysalis

Monarch butterflies have a way station in Orange County – 2018

Monarch Newborn

Plant it and they will come.

That’s certainly what happened this spring at our home in Orange County, California. We bought a milkweed plant, stuck it in the ground, watered it well and it bloomed. It became the host of many Monarch butterfly eggs and caterpillars. It was eaten voraciously and helped to produce several transformations from caterpillars into a chrysalis into Monarch butterflies.

In the photo above you can see the empty chrysalis next to the newly hatched butterfly. The hatchling is drying its wings so it can fly away. Until the wings are dry, it is most vulnerable to predators. It takes about one hour to complete this stage.

Monarch butterflies migrate from the cold climates of Canada and the northern USA beginning in September and arrive at their destination by Thanksgiving. The butterflies in the Eastern United States migrate to Mexico. Click here to see the overwintering sites in Mexico. Those west of the Rockies migrate to the California coast. Click here to find places to see Monarch Butterfly Groves in California.


Clay artist – Barbara Hanson Hawaii Island

Clay artist

In 1985 Barbara Hanson began the adventure of a self-taught polymer clay artist… And now she is loving her gallery in Holualoa’s Historic Pink Hotel!Clay Polymer leaves by clay artist Barbara Hanson

Holualoa’s Historic Pink Hotel can be found on the

Big Island

(otherwise known as Hawaii Island) in a trendy artist’s locale.

Art products

offered in Barbara’s gallery range from

jewelry, sculpture, wall hangings, vases, keychains, wine corks, bottle openers, salad tongs, barrettes, ornaments…

Barbara has returning customers and students who clamor for the skills that she so readily shares.


Clay polymer birds on a wire created by clay artist Barbara Hanson