Testimonial from HKA Marketing Communications

“Julie has absolutely been an asset to the NAWBO-Orange County group and I strongly endorse her work. She has performed this work in a volunteer capacity, but has shown all of the professionalism and excellence that someone would expect from someone working on a paid assignment. She has been proactive, energetic and easy to work with — and she has met every deadline given to her. Thank you Julie!”

Hillary Kaye, HKA Marketing Communications

Message in the sand to promote business

Promote business in unique way with fusion and hybrid photographyYour message written in the sand then combined with text and audio delivers a unique way to promote your business. At JDP Photography we help you promote your business in unusual ways…

See a business promo video right here – Christine Wilton delivers her powerful business message with a message written in the sand and delivered with fusion and hybrid photography.

We will write your message in the sand on a Pacific Ocean beach then create a short promo video to deliver your message. You can embed the link into your website or emails. This will deliver a very powerful message that is SEO (Search Engine Optimized) optimized for your business.

Video statistics to promote business

– Consumers who view a video profile are at least 30% more likely to visit your business and make a purchase.

– Consumers are at least 4 times more likely to engage with your business when video is available on your website.

– Video increases the incidence of a purchase by 24%.

– Video increased the change of a Google first page search result by 53 times.

Statistics provided by Forester Research, Kelsey Group & Comscore

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