Portrait for Mother’s Day

Portrait for Mother's Day

Lisa and Michael

This portrait of Lisa and Michael was a gift for their mother and grandmother for Mother’s Day this month. They wanted better quality than their own point and shoot camera skills could deliver. They even wanted better quality than Target, Wal-Mart and Sears. We are delighted that they chose JDP Photography to create this lasting gift.

We focused on natural expressions and simple posing to create an image that Mom will treasure forever!

Executive portraits go fun and sassy

Corporate casual executive portraits of John Raymont, Kurion, Inc.

Corporate casual executive portrait


When I was asked to create a fun and sassy photograph of one of my clients, a corporate executive, I was really excited. As my style of corporate headshots and executive portraits is pretty traditional, I relish the opportunity to deliver something new, fresh and current.

While the studio session wasn’t exactly like a high-key model shoot, John Raymont, Founder and President of Kurion, Inc., delivered very natural fun and sassy “looks” for this round of executive portraits. It was hard selecting the best single image. His expressions conveyed different messages and could be used to tell a different story based on usage of the photograph.

High-key white backgrounds are very popular these days. It makes the subject stand out from the background and also makes it easy to crop the subject out and place on other backgrounds. It eliminates distractions around and behind the subject and is the best solution for social media profile pictures.

At all of our studio sessions, we capture tethered – camera connected to the computer. The images download as we are working and you are able to select your favorite image(s) during your portrait session. Still can’t make up your mind? Need a second opinion? We can also upload to an online site for your convenience.

Executive Portraits Take On a “New” Size

Executive portraits and profile pictures take on a “new” size

Lorna Scherff, Speedpro Imaging

Traditionally, our executive portraits and profile pictures have been delivered sized to 8”x 10”, high resolution, suitable for print. Because many online and digital uses require a horizontal and/or square format, we are now delivering square-formatted photos along with the traditional sizes. It means that you can now receive 8”x 8” high resolution files with your order. We will provide the best crop, as usual.

The benefit of such a crop is its ease of use and best cropping for most online media. It will fit without any adjusting once you have uploaded the image to your social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others.

Executive portraits and profile pictures are created in our studio on a variety of backgrounds. However, the most frequently selected backgrounds are light gray or white. They are simple, not distracting, and really make the subject (you!) stand out. We also have dark gray, blue and taupe for a more traditional look.

We provide How to Dress guidelines to help you get ready for your portrait session. The goal is to have the viewer look at your eyes, not your clothes and jewelry. By being well prepared, you help create the best image possible. With our enhancements and retouching (included in all of our studio portraits) you will have a photo to be proud of and enjoy sharing.

This is an executive portrait of Lorna Scherff, Speedpro Imaging, located in Tustin, California. They specialize in premium, large-format digital graphics for signs, banners, retractable banner stands, vehicle wraps and more.