Julie has taught basic digital photography classes for over a decade throughout Orange County, nationally and internationally. More than 1,000 students since 2002 that include novices through professionals have participated in Julie’s community services classes, guest lectures, in-studio workshops and photographic journeys.

Digital photography classes are offered to help you understand your camera and take better pictures. Community Services classes provide a traditional classroom experience with other students and cameras. Semi-private workshops with a limit of four students, provides an intimate group learning experience. Tutoring provides one-on-one education dedicated to you and your camera. In all classes we encourage participation and maximize individual learning.


Join Julie at one of of these classes as she takes the mystery out of digital photography and camera operations:



Art Groove – Adult Art Camp August 2017

This will be the 11th time around for de Benneville Pines annual art camp. This year, Art Groove 2017 includes five main class subjects offered will be: Life Drawing, Photography, Watercolor Painting, Acrylic Painting and Mixed Media (Printmaking/ Book Arts). Each camper will choose an area of study, receiving expert instruction from a highly recognized artist within that field. Materials are provided and teaching accommodates all levels of experience from beginner to advanced. Class size is limited so instructors can give individual attention to each student. The first class will take place on Friday afternoon, with the subsequent classes on Saturday to Tuesday mornings. Following these daily morning sessions and lunch in the lodge, campers will be free to experience a variety of afternoon workshops led by the morning instructors and others. Early each evening, an instructor will speak on the subject, “My Life as an Artist.” The Art Groove experience is customizable to each camper’s preferences. Attendees may also blend art instruction with traditional de Benneville summer activities such as hiking or swimming, and of course, relaxation. Dinner in the lodge offers a time to discuss the day’s activities, and evening “Art Jams” feature movies, discussion groups and even more outlets for artistic expression. Throughout the five days of camp, art will be displayed in a spirit of sharing and learning, culminating in a special exhibit on the final morning.

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Located at an elevation of 6800 feet in the San Bernardino National Forest, Camp de Benneville Pines is surrounded by towering pines, oaks and cedars. Barton Creek is nearby, and and it is a moderate walk to Jenks Lake, another inspiration for painters and photographers alike.

Here is a taste of  what we will cover in the photography module:

Camera operations, landscape, macro, event and stock photography, portraiture and night photography, along with Lightroom and Photoshop. Also included is “How to photograph your artwork” for those artists who want to submit photos of their artwork to juried shows and other media.

Unleash the Power of your iPhone

Change your mindset and create awesome images with your iPhone and a multitude of apps. iPhone photography isn’t just for kids anymore.

Introduction to Digital Photography

The key to success in photography is starting with the basics. Begin your journey with camera operations learning the purpose of the buttons, dials and menus. Once you have learned the basics, we will explore the more complex concepts of digital photography, with an emphasis on the manual controls of your camera. Then take your pictures from ordinary to extraordinary and make your pictures POP! with discussion of composition, lighting and posing people. Field sessions will apply what you learn in the classroom.

Basic Digital Cameras – DSLR

Be the Boss! Take control of your digital camera. Learn the purpose of all those buttons and dials. This class is designed for both point-and-shoot and DSLR camera users. Hands-on exercises and demonstrations will help clarify your learning experience.

Beyond the Basics

Take your digital photography to the next level. You have learned the basics, why not take it further? This class explores the more complex concepts of digital photography, with an emphasis on the manual controls of your camera, and practical hands-on assignments in class. Use of Lytro camera helps to demonstrate aperture and depth of field.

Basic Lighting Techniques

Learn how to effectively use your pop-up flash, external flash (indoors and outside), practice with reflectors, subtractors, and translucents. This interactive and enlightening class is hands-on, informative and lots of fun!

Get More Wow! In Your Pictures

Take your pictures from ordinary to extraordinary. Learn the techniques of a professional from a professional, and uncover what it takes to make a good picture. Topics include: composition, lighting, posing, and technical challenges encountered with practical solutions.

The Novice Photographer

Not a beginner, but not an intermediate photographer yet? You’ve learned the basics and now it is time to practice and gain confidence with your photography skills. These guided sessions will present real-life opportunities to create images and the following review sessions will develop your ability to critique your own work and make improvements. Prerequisite: Introduction to Digital Photography with Julie Diebolt Price.

Novice/Intermediate Photographer

Are you ready for more challenging photo ops? Practice with guided homework sessions that include photographing the ocean/tide pools/water, motion, macro/flowers, and people. Field sessions will be followed by a classroom review and discussion. Bring your photos on a thumb drive or CD. This class may be repeated.

Photography Field Session/Tutoring/Special Projects

These types of sessions allow you to practice what you learn in the classroom and to apply those principles to any other applications, such as photographing the aurora borealis, etc. If you want help with a special project, we can use one of these sessions to do that, too. Hourly tutoring rates apply.

How to Photograph Events

Capturing good pictures at events can be challenging. Do you want to improve your results? Do you have questions about lighting, posing your subjects and other pesky issues? This fast-paced, information-filled training covers indoor and outdoor photography, photographing groups and individuals both candid and staged. Hands-on demonstrations and practice in class will give you the tools you need for instant results. Bring your camera, charged batteries, memory card, owner’s manual and external flash.

Image Review and Critique

Bring up to five (5) of your images on a thumb drive or CD/DVD for review. Learn how to create more powerful and dynamic photos by lively discussion and interaction with other students.

How to Start Your Photography Business

There are several steps to take when starting your business – whether it is photography or any other small business. We have a step-by-step plan to help you achieve your business goals. This is taught in the classroom, one-on-one online or in person.