Photography Classes in Tustin, CA and Vancouver, WA

Business portrait collage

Business portrait collage

Photography classes are scheduled in Tustin, California and Vancouver, Washington this fall. Take advantage of  a unique educational opportunity for PPC & PPA members and non-members to attend small, hands-on classes and workshops in Orange County with a professional offering expertise and first-hand experience in photography.

Membership in Professional Photographers of California and Professional Photographers of America is not required.

PPC & PPA Sponsored Photography Classes – Fall 2013…see the complete lineup of classes taught by Julie Diebolt Price in Orange County, California and Vancouver, Washington here.

JDP Photography Classes – Fall 2013

Online registration is available for all classes.


Sunday, 9/8:  Seeing the Light – Studio and Natural Lighting and Posing

Sunday, 9/15:  The Business and Art of Business Photography

Sunday, 9/22:  The Business and Art of Business Photography

Monday, 10/14:   The Business and Art of Business Photography