March 2013 eNewsletter – My Photo Discovery in Shoe Boxes

March 2013 eNewsletter

Here is the March 2013 edition of the JDP Photography eNewsletter.

One reader had this to say – “Good Newsletter Article”

“Hi Julie,

I just thought I’d let you know what you started with your newsletter piece about scanning old photos. I’m in the midst of scanning approximately 25,000 35mm slides from nearly 50 years of shooting them of family, friends and life in general. I suspect the reason I have so many is because when I was growing up, I got free film and processing so I tended to shoot a lot. My Dad was on the team that developed Kodachrome back in the 20s and 30s (long before I was born) so we got everything free. We just had to shoot every photo opp twice. Kodak got one copy for lab testing of color shifts to study emulsion aging and we got one for us. I suspect that since my Dad had thousands of 35mm slides and amazing 16mm color home movies from those early days of color, that kind of set the pattern for me.

But I’m glad it did. Even the bad ones bring back memories. My ex-wife, my wife and my kids absolutely love getting the DVDs as I finish up scanning volumes of them. Fortunately my younger brother scanned and converted all of my Dad’s stuff. That was a Herculean task. For several years I was a news photographer for UPI and was a stringer for them after I left. So I do pretty good candid pix, but no way can I do the intricate studio work you’re so good at.

Sorry to ramble on, but you sure struck a nerve with me this morning when I read your latest newsletter. Thanks again!”

Don Allen