Virtual Classes in Digital Photography To the Rescue

Digital photography virtual classes…

Have you ever wanted some private photography tutoring, but couldn’t spare the time in your busy schedule to travel to the instructor, have the lesson, then travel to your next destination? Do you wish you could just book a 30-minute session to ask some very specific questions? Do you want quick answers and don’t want to spend time in a semester-long photography class? I think you will find virtual classes a real boon to your busy lifestyle.

In the same town, in the same state, around the globe…Technology to the rescue!

We have been working with Skype, Google Hangouts, and Classroom to conduct our virtual classes in digital photography for some time now. The process is getting better and better and is really a lot of fun. It is cost-effective for the students and for the teacher, too. Being able to share the computer screen is essential and these online programs are easy to use.

The virtual environment is quite easy to create. You just need a computer with a built-in camera and microphone (or you can make those purchases separately…buy, why would you?) or an iPad/tablet, or even an iPhone/cell phone.

I will help you design the photography training that you are looking for and deliver just what you need at a convenient time in your schedule.

Are you in Orange County? Here’s the latest Digital Photography Class Schedule with local classes from October 2016 through April 2017.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I took Julie’s virtual classes and just loved it! One on one time when she completely concentrates on one student. I highly recommend these classes for anyone who needs assistance with photography, or just to ask questions. Now is your time.
    Vivi Wyngaarden
    Silverado, Ca.

    • JDP says:

      Thanks, Vivi. The sessions seem to be getting even better these days. I so enjoyed our work together and it was fun and rewarding watching your progress.