Fireworks Spectacular with fusion photography

This hybrid and fusion photography of the Disneyland fireworks spectacular eProduct is a set of still photos morphed into a video and set to music. The music is royalty-free, which means I purchased the rights to use it in this manner. Premium Beat is my source for music. Disneyland is my […] Read more »

Use of Royalty-Free Photos, Video and Audio

Royalty-free music, audio, video and photo files are an integral part of hybrid photography. Hybrid photography is a combination of still photos, video, and audio (music, sound effects, or the spoken word). It is critical when using any sound and photos/video, that one has the rights to use them. Thus, […] Read more »

13 Things About Business Video…

13 things about business video that you might not have known… 1. According to Cisco, 90% of all traffic on the Internet in the next few years will be from video. So, if you are not using video to promote your business, you are losing out. 2. By 2013 nearly […] Read more »

Hybrid Holiday Greeting – moving pictures

This eHolidayCard was created by JDP Photography for the Bursh Family at Pioneer Road Park in Tustin. Hybrid photography, a combination of still photos, video and music, made this “moving” family Christmas card. They will send this link in their email to everyone on their holiday greeting card list! Read more »